This coronavirus prayer can be used by individuals or groups to ask for God’s intervention and protection from infectious disease epidemics like the coronavirus. This coronavirus prayer helps you cover the many groups of those being affected by the epidemic, including medical professionals, patients, those under quarantine and those whose lives are being disrupted.

Coronavirus Prayer for God’s Intervention and Protection

Dear Creator of the World,

We come before you asking your mercy on us to halt the spread of the coronavirus. 

We pray for those already infected with coronavirus that they may receive prompt, effective and compassionate medical care that will restore them to health.

We pray your protection and grace for all medical professionals who are courageously treating those infected with coronavirus.  May they be shielded, strengthened and guided as they administer healing treatments and care. 

We pray your protection over those most vulnerable to disease, for our babies, our children, our elders, our poor, disabled and those weakened by other health conditions.

We pray for those under quarantine that they might be comforted by your presence and protected from disease, anxiety and fear.   

We pray for our public healthcare leaders and government agencies that they might be informed and well prepared as they deal with the coronavirus.  Grant them the resources and manpower they need to use their wisdom in the best interest of public health.

We pray for the researchers who are tracking the course of the coronavirus.  May they uncover patterns that will help us understand how to stay healthy. 

We pray for those searching for treatments, cures and vaccines.  May you guide them, reveal new ideas and accelerate their discoveries to fight this disease. 

We pray for the communities, areas and countries hardest hit by coronavirus.  Restore their sense of wellbeing and community.  Sustain them, comfort them and give them hope. 

We pray for all whose lives are disrupted by the coronavirus.   We pray for families who have been separated and for those whose livelihoods have been jeopardized.    

We look to you, Oh God, praying that the spread of the coronavirus will be halted and that many lives might be spared.

We pray that through this crisis you may draw us closer to you, grow our compassion and increase our knowledge.

Thank you that you are the Great Physician who not only heals us but who is a a very present help in our time of need as the Bible tells us that you “Took up all our infirmities and carried our diseases.”  (Matthew 8 :17 NIV)

Thank you for hearing our prayer.


Historical background of praying for relief from epidemics

This coronavirus prayer is based on the tradition that throughout history during times of deadly epidemics communities have turned to God in prayer for help, protection and healing.   

In Bible times, the nation of Israel showed a basic understanding of the infectious nature of diseases.  The biblical guidelines applied primarily to leprosy and other ailments they called “dreaded skin disease.”   Those who displayed symptoms of these skin diseases were quarantined from the general population and only allowed to return to the community after they became well.  (See Leviticus chapter 13) 

During the Middle Ages in Europe, people turned to prayer during outbreaks of bubonic plague.  While visiting Europe I encountered plague columns or monuments in town squares.  These depicted saints, Christ and God the Father.   These were erected by towns and cities to thank God for ending epidemics of the plague that sickened and killed so many.

Oberammergau, Germany is another instance of people commemorating God’s mercy and intervention to spare them from a deadly epidemic.  In 1633 the bubonic plague was running rampant around them.  The town prayed and vowed that if God spared them, they would put on a passion play about the life and death of Jesus.  They further vowed to do the play every 10 years after that.  Today tourists flock from around the world as the tradition continues with the latest Passion Play being presented in 2020.  

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