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Winter Renewal Ideas for Your Soul When You Need Peace

By David Shelton | January 10, 2021

These winter renewal ideas for your soul use the beauty of God’s creation, Scripture and prayer to renew a sense of peace when your soul feels frazzled.     Find Front Row Seats to the Splendor of Winter and Allow God to Bring Scripture to Your Heart   The “great conjunction”, the alignment of the planets Jupiter and…

Christmas Meditation Craft Manger Scene Idea

By Karen Barber | December 14, 2020

This Christmas meditation craft manger scene idea shows you how to add hand crafted items to your nativity scene to tell the broader story of Jesus from the New and Old Testament Scriptures.  This Christmas meditation craft idea is low cost because it uses items found in nature and simple household materials.       After you…

Getting Through Grief Using the Healing Power of God’s Presence

By David Shelton | December 11, 2020

Getting through grief is extremely difficult.   Many people make the mistake of trying to grieve alone.  The fact is, God has not asked you to grieve alone.  God wants to be there with you to help you and give you hope. The Day Like No Other When Grief Came Unexpectedly The phone call that changed…

Overcoming the Voice of Fear

By David Shelton | November 17, 2020

We’ve all heard the irrational voice of fear in our heads telling us something terrible will happen if we don’t back away.  Here’s how God helped me face and conquer the voice of fear    Standing on the Canyon Ledge Speaking to the Voice of Fear  I still can’t believe I did it.  I can’t believe…

Finding Hope After Tragedy

By David Shelton | September 18, 2020

It’s possible to find hope after tragedy.  Hope doesn’t come easily or quickly, but with God’s help I‘ve seen it happen.  Here’s what I’ve learned.  The Article I Didn’t Want to Write About a Tragic Loss     There are many times that articles will write themselves.  There are some that come by a way of…

Zoom prayer meeting how to

Zoom Prayer Meeting and Video Prayer Meeting How To

By Karen Barber | September 3, 2020

Hosting a Zoom prayer meeting or holding an online video prayer meeting is an effective way to pray together.  The secret is to take advantage of the best features of a Zoom prayer meeting or a video conferencing prayer meeting is to plan ahead to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks. 1. Decide what…