The coronavirus shelter in place prayer will help you express your thoughts, emotions and needs to God that come as a result of being forced to stay home.  This prayer will connect you with God’s help and wisdom as you adjust and thrive during this different way of living each day. 

Coronavirus Shelter in Place Prayer

Dear Lord, I’ve just heard the order to continue to shelter in place for an extended period of time and I’m devastated. Staying home, not being able to travel freely or to see my family and loved ones who don’t live with me is driving me crazy. I’ve gone to the grocery store and the drugstore, but I haven’t lingered to visit. People are scared! I’m scared too, but I’m also angry about the way my life has changed. I miss church. I miss being able to visit with friends. I miss eating at my favorite restaurant. I miss hugging.

Each day bleeds into the next, Lord, even on weekends. Easter Sunday felt like just another day since I couldn’t go to church. I’m not even sure what day it is today! It’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that there’s nowhere I need to be. I thrive on my routine but that’s down the drain. I feel unproductive and useless. I know I have to do this for safety’s sake, but I’m a social person. I’m feeling depressed and just plain lonely. I’ve heard the words, ALONE TOGETHER. What does that even mean? I have my phone and my laptop as ways to communicate, but I yearn for in-person contact.

Please help me be strong during this time, dear God. Many people are suffering – from disease, from not being able to be with loved ones in the hospital, from being stranded far away from home. My situation could be so much worse. Help me stop feeling sorry for myself. Assure me that there’s going to be an end to this confinement. Give me strength and courage and guide me in ways I may help someone else. You have promised You will always be with me, even to the end of the age. Remind me of that. I do trust you, Lord, and I believe You will see me through this trial, as You always have in the past.


About this Prayer Coronavirus shelter in place prayer

I wrote this prayer during a time of great distress, having just received an order for extended shelter-in-place. Nothing seemed normal. As a person who thrives on routine, I felt adrift in the sea of uncertainty. Waking up each morning, I wondered what I would do that day. My normal routine is to get up early, have coffee and a devotion with my husband Jeff, hop on my bike for a brisk half-hour ride, and return home to pray and update my prayer list. Now Jeff rushes out the door to help down at our family hardware store and I’m left with the cats! That one tiny glitch in my routine sets my whole world off-kilter. I miss going to yoga class, doing my volunteer job with OASIS, an Alzheimer’s respite ministry, just being able to run around and do whatever I want.

I had to come up with a plan to restore a touch of normalcy, so here’s what I do. I still get up early, have coffee and read a devotion, with a cat or two on my lap. (Stroking a cat is very calming!) I pray and go over my prayer list until it warms up enough to hop on my bike. After my ride, I come home, do some yoga, and write notes to my people from OASIS. Then I answer emails, check Facebook and make calls to keep in touch with friends. Finally, I chose a chore I’ve put off forever and get busy. Yesterday I cleaned and reorganized my chaotic pantry. It feels great to see how neat it is. Today, the junk drawer! Having a plan and accomplishing something gives me a measure of peace, along with the assurance that things WILL get back to normal.

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