This coronavirus prayer for healthcare workers helps us pray God’s help and protection for those on the frontlines of treating those who are ill with the coronavirus.  Healthcare workers need our strong prayers now more than ever as they face overwhelming caseloads.  Pray this coronavirus prayer for healthcare workers often, pass it on to others to pray and share it with your favorite healthcare workers to let them know that our prayers are with them.        

Coronavirus Prayer for Healthcare Workers

Dear God, Our Father,

We come to you today praying for our healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of our battle against the Corona virus. 

We thank you that they have been well trained to care for us in our times of greatest need.  We now offer our prayers for our healthcare workers in their time of need as they are called on to perform their duties in the face of overwhelming caseloads and threats to their own wellbeing. 

We pray that you will give our healthcare workers stamina to match the heightened demands.  We pray that you will guide them moment by moment with good judgement as they make decisions on patient care.  Increase their efficiency, their experience and their knowledge daily.  Keep them energetic, optimistic, hopeful and focused. 

Equip them with all of the medical devices, medications, hospital capacity and personal protective equipment vital for their work.  Please speed the production and distribution of all medical equipment, materials and necessities.  Cut all red tape and cause our political leaders to set a top priority on supporting our healthcare workers.       

Send patience and grace to our healthcare workers as they do their work in bulky protective gear and as they engage in time consuming infection control protocols that slow down their work. 

Please save our healthcare workers from terrible situations where they must make difficult decisions about who to treat and who has a lesser chance of survival because healthcare resources are unavailable or have to be rationed.   

We pray your physical protection for our healthcare workers that you might shield them from disease.  We especially pray for your mercy on healthcare workers who have underlying personal health problems that might cause complications should they become ill. 

We pray for all healthcare workers who have contracted this disease.  Help them.  Heal them.  Comfort them.  Restore them. 

We now offer our prayers of blessing for our healthcare workers.  Please bless them with the rest they need, time for nutritious meals and good ways to relax and de-stress.  Lift their spirits.  Help them remember that they are not only saving lives but also saving our spirits by displaying selfless compassion and courage.   

We pray your blessings on the families of our healthcare workers.  Bless them with good health and protection from disease.  Provide for their all their needs.  Comfort them in their times of worry.  Be present with them when they feel lonely, isolated and scared.  Encourage and hold them up them with our prayers.

We end by offering our prayers of gratefulness and thanksgiving for our healthcare workers.  We thank you for each one of them who steps into a room to test or treat a patient, not knowing if the person has a highly contagious disease or not.  Help us to continuously pray for them.  Show us how to thank them for their service.  Alert us to ways we can support them. 

As we end our prayer, we are reminded that Jesus is called the Great Physician.  He reached out His healing touch to those with contagious diseases.  He was unafraid to offer His love, care and compassion when others held back.  May your great reward be with all of our healthcare workers who act daily on your behalf. 


About this Coronavirus Prayer for Healthcare Workers

This prayer was written after one of our Sunday School class members shared a prayer request for her doctor son during our online class meeting.  She told us about her son and his wife who are both medical professionals and have served in dangerous places desperately in need of medical care all around the world.  Now her son and family are in one of the hardest hit areas in our own country.  She  shared how worried she was for their wellbeing, much more so now than when they were in dangerous places around the globe. 

 As she spoke, I realized the great need for all of us to join together in specific and fervent prayer for our healthcare workers.  Many of us have loved ones in the medical profession and many are spending sleepless nights worrying and asking God for help.

I called my friend and asked her to tell me the kinds of things that should be included in a prayer for our healthcare workers.  She had been keeping well informed not only on her son’s situation but also the bigger, more national and global picture.   

I prayed with her before we ended our phone call and promised to write and post a prayer that she and I and everyone else could pray for our healthcare workers.

I encourage all of our readers to not only join us in prayer, but to also pass this prayer along to as many people as you know who are able to pray.  Once you prayed, we invite you to pass it along to a healthcare worker you know to give them a sense of peace knowing that God cares and we care.

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