Three key secrets of praying for others are learning how to have an open, hospitable heart, learning how to bring the sorrows of others to God without being overwhelmed by them and becoming alert to the Holy Spirit in praying for the needs of those we don’t know well.

Welcoming others

Lord, You have shown such hospitality to me. Thank You. As I welcome others into my life—even feeding them at my table—help me to honor my guests as Your guests. Help me to know the joy of serving You as I serve them, the joy of seeing You in them and them as You. Amen.

Praying for others.

Lord, today I feel overwhelmed by someone else’s hardship. Help me to step back long enough, far enough, to gain perspective. Am I helping, meddling, or just worrying myself into a tither? What is my role? For starters, I bring this problem to You. Calm my spirit. Bring relief in this situation of need. Thank You, my God. Amen.

Prayer for a stranger

Lord, so many of my prayers are about me, me, me. And mine, mine, mine. Here I expand my list and ask Your special blessing on a stranger who is

suffering physical pain,

grieving a deceased spouse,

worried over a troublesome child,

stressed by a household move,

celebrating a victory—alone.

Lord, be present to Your children today. Encourage them. Draw them into hope. Strengthen them with joy. Amen.

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