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This hostess prayer enables gracious hospitality by asking God to be a part of the whole get-together including the planning, preparation, welcoming of guests, serving and the art of steering the conversations toward pleasant and uplifting topics. This hostess prayer is useful for any occasion when guests are invited into your home to share food or refreshments, such as a dinner party, brunch, luncheon, a tea or coffee or for dessert.

Hostess Gracious Hospitality Prayer

God, guests are coming. They’re expecting tasty food and easy conversation. I’m anticipating stress—pressure to provide . . . satisfaction.

Lord, be with me as I plan, shop for, and prepare this meal. Steady my hand as I season, stir, and serve a delicate dish.

Be with the friends and acquaintances who walk through my door and sit on my chairs. Guide our table talk toward topics that honor your presence among us.

Sustain my strength and my smile until it’s time to shut the door—friends old or new on their way back to their homes. May they leave feeling refreshed and blessed to have dined at my table, sustained in body and spirit.

Then by your grace may I sleep peacefully through the night, gratified in the gathering in this humble space. Thank you, Lord, in advance, for drawing me into your peace. Amen.

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