Prayer can help us break the unhealthy habit of comparing ourselves to others and feeling disappointed with ourselves if we’re not the very best at everything.  This prayer by inspirational writer Evelyn Bence will help us learn how to appreciate both our strengths and limitations.

Prayer about comparing myself to others and appreciating my strengths and limitations

Lord, I wish I were more talented, more healthy, more beautiful, more resourceful, more . . . Well, You get my drift.

I come to You with a dissatisfied mind. I’m too tempted to compare my lacks to the perceived better qualities of others.

Lord, You want me to give my best effort, but help me to temper my expectations. I can’t excel at everything. I’m not even the best at anything.

Help me to see and appreciate my strengths.

Help me to live with my limitations.

I thank You for listening. Amen

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