Prayers of thankfulness for the things that enrich our lives expand our hearts and spirits as well. These three prayers of thankfulness by inspirational author Evelyn Bence help us thank God for the gift of color, the many blessings we take for granted and the objects that remind us of the greater gifts behind them of friends and family.

Thankfulness for the beauty of color

God, thank You for painting our world with such a varied palette—from fiery red to deep violet, rainbow hues and shades galore. A wardrobe’s dyes, the evening skies. A springtime forest, an autumn harvest. Though I rarely stop to notice, the wide range of colors brightens the stormiest day, even today. Yes, thank You, Lord, for color. Amen.

Thankfulness for everyday blessings 

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord (Ps. 89:1)—water at my faucet, food on my shelf, blankets on my bed, a light at the switch, a sparrow outside my window, a book of prayers to read. I usually take such basics for granted, but today I name these among others, _________, as provisions from Your gracious hand. This is the day You have made. Help me continue to rejoice in Your blessings. Amen.

Thanksgiving for friends and family

I have received a gift that gives me great joy. It enhances my home and perfectly suits my taste. From across the room I admire its design and smile with pleasure. I whisper, thank you, dear friend, and that gratitude turns my heart to You, Lord, to thank You for Your many gifts—starting with my family and the friends who enrich my life. The apostle says that “every good and perfect gift is from above” (James 1:17). I gladly say amen.

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