My prayer for the workplace, prayed before the work day begins, empowers me in advance to make right decisions and be a witness for my faith.

iphone scenery 007Every day in the workplace we face situations that test our faith, try our patience, and point to our constant need for Jesus’ presence. We want to make right decisions, have good attitudes and be good witnesses for our faith, but too often we are faced with unexpected obstacles that catch us off guard. I have found that the best way to respond as Christ would have us respond in every situation is to ask in advance for his presence and guidance.

How to pray this way:

Dear Lord, I give you this day. I relinquish to you my selfish ambitions and pride. I thank you for the gift of this day and good, constructive work. Please increase my anointing today.

Bless me, and show me how I can bless others. Let me be unselfish and kind, and protect me from all kinds of evil. Let me hold my tongue in check, and keep me from all bitterness or dissatisfaction.

Give me wisdom and courage, and let me care only what you think of me, not what other people think. Bless me with mental sharpness, physical health and energy to do the work you have given me to do.

Let me remember to be your servant and your witness in the work place, always acting for the good of others.

I pray for those I work with, too, Lord. Please protect their health, and lift any burden of worry, fear, frustration, or any other negative emotion they might be experiencing. Let them feel your peace, and show me how I can best exemplify your peace and joy to those I work with. Open the minds and hearts of the unsaved to your message of love and redemption through Jesus Christ. If an opportunity arises for me to speak of my faith, give me the courage and power to speak effectively.

My personal experience and tips:

Praying this prayer in the morning before my work day begins helps me to remain God-centered in my attitudes and decisions. Thanking God for my work, even if I am not always happy with a particular work situation, is an important part of cultivating the kind of grateful attitude that opens me to God’s blessings.

By praying for those I work with, I am lessening the chance that some conflict will arrive between me and my co-workers. It is much harder to be in conflict with people we are praying for. Praying for courage to speak of my faith prepares me in advance, so that if the opportunity arises to proclaim the Good News, I will not let that opportunity slide by.

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