This morning prayer to God helps you begin your day refreshed by God’s presence and armed with his help for whatever you might face during the day.

Morning Prayer to God

Father God, a new day is dawning soon. A new day that is filled with promise, adventure, blessings and concerns.  But you have blessed me with a new day. You have given me peace through the night and as I awake to this glorious day, the hurts and pains and storms of yesterday are gone.  A clean slate is mine.

I do not know what today will bring, but I know you hold my future in your hand. I know though rain may be in the forecast, it will not rain on my parade for you will always show me a rainbow.

Father God, sustain me today. Give me strength. Be my rock when I grow weary along this journey.

Father God, giver of comfort, wrap your arms around me and hold me close. Wipe away my fears and anxieties.

Father God, giver of peace, cover me with your peace today. Though I walk through the valley, I won’t fear as long as you walk with me.

Father God, giver of encouragement, replenish hope in my life.  Mend the brokenness that I have in relationships.

Father God, calm my fears.

Father God, give me healing and put me back up on my feet if I have fallen.

Father God, you are an awesome God, come and lead me today. Shine your light on the path for me to choose.

Father God, hear my prayers and send forth blessings today.

In your sweet and precious name, I lift up this prayer as my morning conversation with you, Amen.

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