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The Secret of Doing Christian Meditation While Traveling

One easy one to stay connected to God while traveling is to use artwork you see in places you visit as a means of Christian meditation while traveling.  Such artwork can be found in churches, museums, public squares, monasteries, palaces and in government buildings.   Here are some secrets I learned from my travels. Use unexpected…

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How to Do Christian Meditation Using Art

Christian meditation using art is a powerful means of meditating and connecting with God.  Christian meditation using art is also known as Visio divina.  It is similar to the ancient meditation practice of Lectio divina which uses passages from the Bible for personal interaction with God by focusing on details that capture your attention. Here…

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How to Do Meditation in Nature in Christian Meditation

Meditation in nature allows us to contemplate and enjoy God’s nearness through marveling at the beauty and power of creation.  Christian mediation in nature is the act of spending time in silent personal thought in order to experience closeness to God. Meditation in nature has been practiced since Biblical times and some of the most…

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