What is a Christian Meditation Prayer Group?

A Christian Meditation Prayer Group uses a variety of ways and means to reflect on and personally experience the reality of God’s love as expressed through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and through God’s words to us as found in the Bible. It offers a structured setting to deepen your relationship with God through prayer and meditation on Scripture.

Why start a Christian Meditation Prayer Group?

(1) Meditation is essential in order to grow in God’s love.

(2) Christian Meditation Prayer Groups help Christians to meditate by

  • adding discipline and structure
  • providing a way to learn new ways of biblical meditation
  • helping to guard against a personal inner quest from veering off of the path of biblical Christianity
  • providing the opportunity to discuss experiences and insights with others

 Where does a Christian Meditation Prayer Group meet?

In a chapel, at a prayer altar, in a church sanctuary, a private place in nature, or at a quiet location where there will be no interruptions

Who can participate in a Christian Meditation Prayer Group?

Those who have prior prayer experience and a familiarity with Biblical Christianity. Most prayer beginners start with “vocal prayer” where prayers are voiced to God either out loud or mentally. Those participating in a meditation prayer group should have some experience in “vocal prayer” because it helps form a relationship of trust with God. It is essential that group members have a basic knowledge of who God is as revealed to us in the Bible.

When does a Christian Meditation Prayer Group meet?

At a time convenient to members of the group.

How do you start a Christian Meditation Prayer Group?

1.  There are three essential characteristics of Christian meditation: (1) it must be grounded in the Bible, (2) it grows out of God’s love and helps us grow into a deeper love for God, and (3) these two aspects spontaneously create an atmosphere of praise, adoration and worship in our hearts.

2.  Decide which type of Christian meditation your group will practice. There are two main types of Christian meditation: (1) Active Meditation, when we use our minds to actively ponder a Scripture or an aspect of who God is, and (2) Stillness in Meditation, when we quiet our thoughts and allow God’s presence to move in our hearts and souls.   Active Meditation is the best place to start for a beginner. Various types of Christian meditation include: Lectio Divina, Liturgical meditation, the rosary, the Jesus Prayer, a Meditative Prayer Service, Guided Christian Meditation, Contemplative Prayer, Centering Prayer, Soaking Prayer, and Christian Art Meditation. For a detailed description of each type, see this article:

How to start a Christian meditation prayer group

3.  Do not mix Christian meditation with techniques from other religions or from New Age practices. Any technique used should be focused on Christ and the Bible in order to avoid any techniques from Eastern Religions or New Age practices.

4.  Educate others about meditation as you invite them to be members of the group.

5.  Decide when and where to meet.

Tips / Notes: 

  • You may first need to teach participants how to meditate on Bible verses or how to engage in contemplation
  • For groups with little background or experience in meditative prayer, Lectio Divina or a meditative creative activity (such as cross making) are possible good starting points

Background Scriptures:

Joshua 1:8

1 Chronicles 16:11

Psalm 1:1-3; 16:11; 63:1-6; 77:12; 105:4

1 Corinthians 2:9-11

1 Timothy 4:15

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prayer group leaders or pastors

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