Those dealing with the flu and other viruses can be helped by praying this flu healing prayer for them.  Often dealing with the flu is not a fast process where instant healing happens.  Instead dealing with the flu or other viruses takes time as God’s healing power works through the body’s natural ability to fight disease and through the help of modern medicine.  Praying God’s strength, help and comfort can have a huge on those going through these common but sometimes severe illnesses.

Flu Healing Prayer for Those Dealing with the Flu and Other Viruses

Father God, I come to you this morning with a prayer of healing.  A prayer of healing for those dealing with sickness.  A prayer of healing for those who are weak and concerned due to their illness with the flu and other viruses that seem to be an epidemic right now.

Father God, they need your healing touch.  They need your loving arms wrapped around them and holding them close as though they are snuggled up under a blanket.  Father God, they need strength and stamina to fight through this sickness.

Father God, when sickness takes hold of our bodies, we get limp. We struggle with doing anything. But your grace, your love, your peace and your mightiness can be the recipe to help us fight through this.  You are the rock that we can lean on.

Father God, I also lift up a prayer for those in the hospitals.  Give them comfort and strength. Remove the feelings of anxiety and uneasiness. Take away their concern and remind them that in trusting you, you will provide them healing and recovery and soon they are back on their feet, running along life’s highway.

Father God, I lift up a prayer for the hospital staff, the doctors and nurses. I know they are weary from long hours. Be their rock. Give them strength. Keep them focused and attentive.

Father God, for the little children who are sick, I pray that Jesus will rock each of them in that big ole rocking chair. That He will shower them with his love and care.

Father God, for the parents, I pray that you will give them strength. Remove their anxiety and concern.  Take over and walk with them through this time. Give them reassurance that their children will be feeling better soon.

Father God, for sure, this sickness gets us down.  It wipes us out.  It drains our strength.  But I place my trust and faith in you that you have a plan.  That you will bring health to the afflicted.  You will bring them strength this day and in the days to come.  For you are an awesome God. To thee be the glory for all that you have done. For all the blessings that you send.

Father God, I lift up these prayers to you this day and I lift up to you all those who are sick.

In your sweet and holy name, Amen.

About the Flu and Other Viruses

According to the Center for Disease Control, symptoms of the flu include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.  Here’s a link that tells you how to care for yourself and when you should seek medical help.

We at believe that God’s healing power works through many God-given means, including modern medicine and proper diagnosis.  We advise all of our readers to seek the medical care they need.  We offer this prayer as a means of bringing God’s strength, guidance and comfort to those dealing with illness.

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