When you are in pain because of a personal loss, prayer can help you endure and find hope.   Today you may be experiencing emotional pain and the pain is very real.  Perhaps pain from a broken relationship.  Maybe you are experiencing pain that comes with death and the loss of a loved one like I am.  Perhaps you are dealing with the loss of a job.  The loss of a pet.  The loss of a home.

Prayer When You Are in Pain Following a Loss

036Father God, each day we as Christians go through losses and sometimes these losses cause pain.  Pain is so different for each and every one of us.  Pain is real.  It is a season that sometimes lasts what seems like an eternity.  At some point on this Christian journey we are all going to experience the pain associated with a loss.

But Father God, I thank you that I don’t have to face this journey alone.  I don’t have to weather the storm alone.  I can find joy through my pain because of the unlimited grace that you cover me with.  Grace that is sufficient for all my needs. Father God, you promised me before, you promise me today and you will always promise me that all I have to do is lean on you.  Trust in you and let my faith take over.  Please remind me to remember that one day when I walk through the heavens holding the Shepherds hand, that then I will understand.

Father God, these journeys of pain are sometimes hard to bear.

Father God, remind me each day to simply hold your hand and trust in you, Amen.

My Personal Experiences

capture-mary-justice-1I was married to a very sweet and caring man, Gene Justice for 40 years.  He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007.  We knew what would be coming down the road and he never wanted to get to that place.  He was definitely a praying man and God heard his prayers as he prayed without ceasing. His prayer was answered on June 11, 2016.  Gene basically went to sleep early on the morning of June 11, and never woke up.  What a peaceful way to cross over the river Jordan and walk the streets of gold.  To wake up and see the face of Jesus. To have a memory restored.

Although I know that Gene is with Jesus, I still experience the pain of losing him.   As I walk through this journey of my own dealing with the pain of my husband’s death, there are days when I struggle mightily.  There are days when my energy level is zapped.  But I just take time to listen to a good ole Gospel song or I start reading the Psalms.  Then my loving heavenly Father replenishes my hurting soul with joy that only He can give.

So no matter what pain you are having today.  No matter what loss you are dealing with. Give it to God.  Let God be your Rock.  Remember that with God, you will soon be able to say, It is Well With My Soul.

Scripture:  I can endure all these things through the power of the one who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)   My rock.

Be blessed.

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