Military prayer This Veterans Prayer for you will help you thank God for our soldiers and those who have served in the armed forces as you pray for their safety and the success of their missions.  This prayer can be used on Veteran’s Day or on any occasion when you wish to pray for our soldiers and Veterans.







A Veteran’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, I ask of thee:

Bless our Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines.

Guide them as they’re called to arms

and please protect them from all harms

Give them the strength to persevere

all the dangers that they fear.

And through their prayers, grant them grace

to come back home, alive and safe.

For the fallen, they did their best,

so welcome them to Eternal Rest.

And may the rest of us stand tall,

for those whose names are on a Wall


Copyright 2013 by CPL. Paul R. MacPherson (USMC 75-81)  All rights reserved.