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A Veteran’s Prayer

 This Veterans Prayer for you will help you thank God for our soldiers and those who have served in the armed forces as you pray for their safety and the success of their missions.  This prayer can be used on Veteran’s Day or on any occasion when you wish to pray for our soldiers and…

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Maintenance Workers Prayer

This prayer for maintenance workers and janitors expresses our thankfulness for the job that janitors and maintenance workers do in keeping our places of business, government, worship, manufacturing and education safe and in good repair.   Use this prayer for maintenance workers to thank them and to bless the work that they do for us.  …

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A Boss’s Prayer

Being an effective boss requires wisdom and prayer.  This Boss’s prayer for you is useful as a daily workplace morning prayer for God’s help and direction.  This prayer can be used by  business managers, business owners and bosses.  This prayer covers the challenges of being a boss, such as being faced with difficult decisions, feeling…

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