If you’re age 18 -30 looking for young adult writers opportunities online we’d love to hear from you!  We’re looking for young adults who like to write or would like to gain writing experience and build a resume in inspirational Christian writing that will impact your generation all over the world.  You’ll have your chance to work with a professional editor and have your work seen by thousands of people.  Here’s all the information you need:          

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Young adults age 18 -30 who fit into any of these categories:

  • Like to write or would like to pursue a career in Internet writing or in Christian/Inspirational writing
  • Have a life experience where prayer and faith in God made a huge difference
  • Write a blog or share on social media
  • Would like to work/collaborate with a published author/editor (Karen Barber, Contributing Editor, Guideposts magazine, author of two books, founder of the Prayerideas.org website)
  • No writing experience is necessary


Write prayer articles on a volunteer basis for Prayerideas.org (Yearly site views 2017: 225,000)

When and Where  

Work at your own pace at your own computer.  No deadlines.  Write one article or several articles.  We work via email.


  • To make a difference in people’s lives worldwide by helping them to express themselves to God about their personal needs, problems and dreams
  • To build an online portfolio of your published articles and link back to your blog or website
  • To gain new insight into your personal life experiences through writing them down
  • To gain writing experience
  • To be entered into an upcoming writer’s contest (we will notify all young adult writers of contest rules and prize amounts when we get 20 different writers posted online. All articles written and posted between now and then will be eligible)
  • You retain the copyright to your article and you can reused it and re-publish it other places
  • Your bio will appear after all of your articles and we can link to your blog or website
  • Write only one article or as many as you feel inspired to do

How to write an article 

Pick your subject either a prayer idea you’ve found that has worked for you or a written prayer on a subject with which you have life experience. Here are some ideas on picking a topic

Anything you’ve prayed about

Something you‘ve shared with others that seemed to help them

Something that’s important to you.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to God and others

The kinds of things you said to God during your biggest challenge, struggle, overcoming obstacles, when God surprised you, when you felt close to God, when you needed courage etc.

A problem experienced by a friend

The following topics identified in a recent survey:  emotional wellbeing, career decisions, relationships, stress, health/illness, friends with problems, guidance/direction, worry, social causes, romantic relationships

Look at our website https://prayerideas.org/ to see samples of our articles. Here’s a specific example of one written by one of our college/career writers Kaitlyn Miller about choosing a new career path:  https://prayerideas.org/praying_for_needs/life-situations/choosing-a-new-career-path-prayer/  

Write like you’re talking to a friend telling them about your experiences. Include how you felt, what you did etc.

Be yourself. Don’t try to write like someone else.  Also, don’t write like you’re doing a report or class assignment.

Get real with God. Don’t try to make your prayer sound “churchy” or poetic.  We love prayers that are honest conversations with God that ask questions and tell Him what’s bothering you.

Limit it to Christian prayer. We’re a Christian prayer website, so we don’t use prayers from other religious traditions.  Prayers don’t have to mention Christ, but they should exhibit a general Christian viewpoint where we believe in the Biblical view of a loving God who cares for us personally and who wants to guide us and have us respond to him.

Keep it simple. Don’t try to cover a huge subject.  Also, keep off “rabbit trails” (going off in a new direction from where you started and ending up far afield) or throwing in “red herrings” (facts that interrupt the story flow and make the reader curious about a question you’re not going to answer or explain further.)

Guard personal information.  Don’t mention people’s names – just say “a friend.”  If you’re writing about your family, make sure you have their permission to share what you’ve said.  Also, avoid giving specific details about yourself that people could use to track you down, such as where you live, work or go to school.

Expect your article to be edited. Our editor creates an article title and opening paragraph according to SEO or what people are searching online.  This is added to all articles.  Also, the editor typically adds bold headings into the text for ease of reading.  The editor may also rearrange a sentence or two or ask you to add more information.  All edited articles are sent back to you for approval before they are posted online and you have the opportunity to change anything you’d like.

How to submit an article

               Email your submission to Editor Karen Barber  info@prayerigniters.org  You can also email any questions or article ideas you might have.

Once we receive 20 articles from different writers in this age group we will award small monetary prizes for the best entries.  We’d love to hear from you!

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