When we or those near and dear to us are feeling insecure and gripped with fear and anxiety, this poem will help us hear a strong and loving voice inviting us to know and trust the one who will always love us no matter what.  Receive your personal healing message from heaven as you enjoy this poem.


I see your anxiety,

I know your frustration,

And I can feel your pain…

So, why is it that you worry-

  why do you question

     if I will always remain?

I want to ease your anxiety,

I want to calm your frustrations,

I want to take your pain away;

But first you must know me,

   you must understand me,

and you must believe every word I say…

Otherwise, I cannot help,

  I cannot calm,

     and I can never heal…

I cannot answer

    even one of your questions

or say I understand how you feel…

So,  for just once,

          just let go,

  and let me see you through.

Take my hand

          and realize…

that the one I will forever love

                   is you…


Copyright Tracy Groover 2012 all rights reserved.