Prayer to Be Wrapped in Loving Arms Until the Pain Disappears

When we’re experiencing deep emotional pain this prayer poem expresses our need for loving arms to wrap around us until our pain subsides.

~ Acts of Love ~

If you love me

          then hold me

                   and don’t let go,

because, right now, I’m in a lot of pain.

Everyone else,

but you;

          they seem so far away

                   and I don’t really know

if my heart can take

 this extra strain.

It was just when

          I thought I knew

                   that I was fine-

I  thought everything would be alright

That I slowly began

          to realize

                   that I was blind-

I would not sleep through another night…

Knowing the pain

           I felt inside

                   because we are apart,

and no one else will be here.

If you will

          just hold me,

                   I know in my heart,

that all of this pain will disappear.


Copyright Tracy Groover 2012  All rights reserved