How to pray

Adventures in Prayer by Catherine Marshall

Name Adventures in Prayer by Catherine Marshall Description Subtitle: How to Reach for God’s Helping Hand; Chosen Books This is a classic written in the 1970’s that has sold over 1,000,000 copies. In this book the author shares her practical belief in God’s ability to answer our prayers and to guide and shape our lives…

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A Method of Prayer by Matthew Henry

Name A Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry, transcribed by Steve Kindorf Prayer Category How to pray Description Steve Kindorf has made this classical work by Matthew Henry available free online as a PDF or as an ebook download. Rev. Matthew Henry was a British Puritan writer who published this volume in 1710. Steve Kindorf…

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A Healing Touch by Melanie Hemry

  Name A Healing Touch by Melanie Hemry Prayer Category how to pray Description Published by Whitaker House Melanie Hemry is an ICU nurse who believes in the power of prayer to work miracles. In each chapter she takes us on an intimate and eventful journey of dire situations from her own experience where prayer…

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