A Healing Touch by Melanie Hemry

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how to pray

Published by Whitaker House

Melanie Hemry is an ICU nurse who believes in the power of prayer to work miracles. In each chapter she takes us on an intimate and eventful journey of dire situations from her own experience where prayer and listening to God literally meant the difference between life and death. Afterwards she gives the reader a “Heart Check” by asking us questions that the stories bring up. Here are sample questions from chapter 1. What am I willing to risk? What nudges have I ignored? I purpose in my heart to…and then she lists ideas that will enhance our spiritual journey and our faith. She then ends with a prayer that we can make our own.

In this book we learn about patience in prayer, silence, finding God’s direction and meditation. The book is extremely readable yet at the same time invites deep interaction with God.

Added by Karen Barber on July 5, 2011