This selfcare prayer for medical professionals will help doctors, nurses, medical assistants and therapists receive God’s power to cope with the stress and demands of their profession.   Working long hours under stressful conditions can lead to burnout and personal health issues. 

Selfcare Prayer for Medical Professionals 

Dear Great Physician,

I come to you today asking you to help me take good care of myself so that I can take good care of others.

I thank you that you understand the stress that comes with being a healer and a caregiver. 

Remind me of the demanding nature of my job and help me develop a practical plan of selfcare. 

Show me when my work is getting out of control and when I need rest and restoration. 

Connect me with a trusted friend at work I can check in with when I need to deal with my emotions, frustrations and feelings of stress.   

Surround me with supportive and loving people at home and in the community.

Guide me to physical and mental places where I can find a moment of quiet, calm and refuge.

Alert me to the signals from my body and mind that tell me I need to rest.     

Show me things I can do on and off the job that will restore, refresh and energize me.

Attune me to your guiding voice within me when I need wisdom and insight. 

Give me patience and compassion with difficult patients and coworkers. 

Send your strength and insight into setting healthy boundaries with those who try to take advantage of me.

Grant me courage to ask for help when I need it.

Help me view myself as my own primary patient, the one whose care is a top priority.

Send relief from red tape and bureaucracy.

Increase my faith and dependence on You.

I believe you have called me to the medical profession and I believe you can give me everything I need to thrive and prosper. 


About this selfcare prayer for medical workers

It says in the Bible that one time there were so many sick people trying to push their way toward Jesus  that he told his disciples to have a small boat ready by the side of the lake to escape the crush.  (Mark 3:9)   Since even Jesus needed to make plans to manage the demands of healing people, how much more so do those of us in the medical field today.

According to a study by the Archives of Internal Medicine, 41% of physicians in their group said they were suffering from at least one sign of burnout.  Burnout, caused by stress, leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. 

Because burnout is not a medical diagnosis, medical professionals may not be aware how it’s affecting them. 

Symptoms of burnout are:       

Physical: constantly feeling tired, aches and pains and lowered immunity, eating problems and sleep disruption.  

Emotional: being irritable and critical, losing your sense of empathy and compassion, feeling numb and like you’re going through the motions, lacking motivation and sense of accomplishment, depression. 

Mental: escaping through the use of unhealthy things like alcohol or drugs, difficulty concentrating, putting things off, trouble getting things done and making errors more frequently.

General advice on selfcare are healthy eating, exercise, adequate rest, and relaxation.  Meditation is often recommended.  Types of Christian meditation techniques that can be used are meditating in nature, lectio visio using art and lectio divina using the Bible to meditate.

Medical professionals can also find prayer a helpful tool in lessening their stress levels and feeling more confident, competent and fulfilled in their jobs.  These include praying for guidance, praying about specific things that are stressful in their job, praying about co-workers who are hard to get along with and brief arrow prayers in the middle of the action.  It also includes praying for patients and even  praying with patients when appropriate.      

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