When we become tired, stressed by the heart-numbing daily routine of life, we often need a prayer that helps us find our inner child and refreshes and renews our hearts.  Here is a prayer litany to help us renew our hearts, even when faced with your complex and difficult adult lives full of grief and gratitude.

For the Brave Journey

O Creator,

Create in us a wise heart

The kind of heart that reaches to Yours

Offers trust of Yours to ours.


The third grader plays and skips to the tune of wind,

Runs with ease and swiftly goes round and round,

The merry-go-round of shouts to go faster, faster, faster still.


Create in us a curious heart

The kind of heart that notices Your call to play, run, skip, and laugh at the merry-go-round,




and faster.

We just play and seek………………………………… no direction,

No star in the sky,

No signs of approval,

No tellers of time,

And we hear the bell ring and moan at the passing of recess.




O Creator,

Create in us a hopeful heart

The kind of heart that trust You create out of the chaos

The chaos of adult school that has us rushing,


And hoping we are not going round in circles.

Make the most of this time,

Grab a breath,

Hold a laugh,

Refuse a tear,

And forget to Pray.

O Creator,

Create in us a joyful heart,

Give us Your breath of playfulness in the creation of learning,

Forming us in the ministers You know us to be,

Offering bread to a youth,

an aged soul,

a member of the fellowship,

the wounded ones

the caretakers ones

and to one another.


Create in us a peaceful heart,

Allow us to discern Your direction off the round and round of weary

Shape us into the ministers You know us to be,


Mindful of You,

Aware of others,

Awaken to ourselves…………And we find bravery is in the Courage to create with You.


Create in us a wise, curious, hopeful, joyful, and peaceful heart……

For the brave Journey.


(Remembering John Claypool)

 Debra WaltersCopyright Debra Walters 2013.  All rights reserved.