Location Name
Northside United Methodist Prayer Tower

Street Address
2799 Northside Drive NW


Type of Prayer Place

This place of payer is called a prayer tower because it has a steeple over it that admits light into the circular space. Because the space is a circle, the center altar rail area is also circular so that all who are seated along the walls in the chapel are directly facing the central altar area where a cubical 5,000 pound rock quarried in Jerusalem is situated. On this rock on each of the 4 sides different names of God are carved in Aramaic, Hebrew and English. Along the upper areas of the walls are carved the words, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run into it and are safe.” (Proverbs 18:10) The altar rail is iron work representing the crown of thorns and there are 3 stained glass windows representing great moments of Biblical prayer. The most fascinating feature is a representative “stream” of small smooth river rocks embedded in the floor that circle around the altar area. I was told that during construction, church members were given these stones and could write their name on them or the name of the loved one before being turned over and embedded in the floor.

How I used this place of prayer
It’s rare to find prayer spaces that were built as a separate freestanding structure dedicated only to prayer. In addition, I was extremely impressed that this prayer chapel was envisioned by Dr. G.Gil Watson, the Senior pastor of Northside Church.

capture-atlanta-northisde-3Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
Open to the public free of charge; Open daily, year round

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Personal Tips
I paused here to pray for myself and for a group of Stephen ministers I had met with at the church. I visited the chapel at night and even though it was 8:30 PM, the prayer tower was open and heated, although the lights weren’t on and the person who was showing me the chapel found the right buttons to push on the left hand side of the door. Because I visited at night, I didn’t get to enjoy the full effect of the stained glass windows or the light streaming down through the skylights and plan on going back in the future. The church has a full color brochures that explain the rich symbolism of the chapel, so be sure to get one. This prayer chapel reminded me a lot of several places I visited in Jerusalem, especially the iron crown of thorns railing reminded me of the Church of All Nations plus the stone floor and walls are made with stones that are similar to stones from Jerusalem.

Added by Karen Barber on November 19, 2013