Making a Pilgrimage by Sally Welch

Prayer Category

Published by Lion

This is a thin volume suitable for carrying on a spiritual journey to a specific destination or for use in doing a mental pilgrimage if you can’t travel. The author tells us about the rich history of doing pilgrimages in Christianity, beginning with those who journeyed to Jerusalem to visit the sacred sites where Jesus walked the earth. The author tells us that a pilgrimage is a sacred journey that gives us time and space to get away from the usual circumstances of our life in order to meditate and reflect. She tells us that we may be challenged physically and mentally by the journey, but that it can have a profound effect on our lives. She goes on to give us guidance on how to undertake a modern pilgrimage and the many benefits we will realize as we travel toward a holy place. She tells us that the holy place is only a destination. It is the journey that matters. She treats an interesting array of subjects that happen on pilgrimages – our changing relationship with “things” in our lives, story telling that enlightens about our lives, solitude, penance, letting go of burdens, healing, living for the moment connected to your surroundings, obstacles on the journey and rest and relaxation.

Review: I purchased this book because it’s a subject I know very little about and it was something that seemed fresh and intriguing. After going through the book I think it is very applicable to prayer because you take prayer and mediation on a journey with you and set off to move away from your every day life and immerse yourself in a totally unique experience. I’ve been on a number of mission trips, but this concept is totally different because you aren’t there to do a task or to help others, you are traveling to get in touch with God’s perspective on your life and you’re expectantly moving toward a place where you will experience his presence. I think that I will plan a pilgrimage some time and when I do, I will use this book as my guide.

Added by Karen Barber on July 5, 2011