Here is a good college graduation prayer that thanks God for the educational opportunities and prays His future help and presence with the college graduates.

College Graduation Prayer

Dear Father, we rejoice today over the wonderful accomplishments of discipline, determination and self sacrifice that have led to this day of college graduation for the special graduates near and dear to us.

It has been a great gift from You that they were able to learn from experts and teachers in their chosen field and that they are now prepared to give of themselves in service in the realms of business, the academic world, the arts, medicine, education, government, social action and ministry.

May the skills they have developed managing their time, setting priorities and keeping focused during exams be the foundation on which they build successful careers and lives.

Our greatest prayer for them today is that they continue to be lifelong learners who recognize their need to constantly discover more about You, the source of all knowledge and truth.  Help them to be diligent in their quest to know You and to discover how You want them to live.

As they deliberate over life changing decisions about jobs, careers, homes, marriages and family may they seek and find Your guidance.   And after they have made these decisions, may they constantly seek Your daily help to faithfully live out their chosen callings.

Fill our graduates with gratitude, humility, love and faith.  Teach them how to pray.  Give them spiritual wisdom and discernment.

Help them to hear Your voice and not the voice of culture.  Give them the wisdom and courage to say no to the temptation to put self and things at the center of their lives.

Send them strong Christian friends and spouses. Teach them the joys of service and generosity.  Keep them close to their families and open to the wisdom of their elders.  Help them learn from their mistakes and failures.  Show them where to go for help when they need it.

We are aware that as we pray our graduate’s future into your hands, You are placing the future of Your World and Your Kingdom into their hands.  Thank you for bringing all of us to this wonderful day.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Amen.

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