It’s a natural part of life to sometimes to feel temporarily depressed due to circumstances, stress, life problems and health issues.  It is always good medicine to talk to God about how we’re feeling through the avenue of prayer.  Here is a prayer for you to get in touch with God’s helping power on the days you feel down.

 A Prayer for Depression

Lord, I’m feeling kind of down today, listless and without energy.  Someone told me that I seemed depressed, but I don’t like that word as a description of me.  Surely I’m not depressed…other people get depressed but not me.

I may be a bit down though, Lord.  You know the truth, I’m really feeling pretty much at the bottom.  Life’s the pits today.  Lord Jesus, I need your presence.  Would you come and sit with me?

I see other people wearing smiles.  I am wearing weariness.  My zip’s gone. Ambition has run off and left a feeling of uselessness as my companion.  I feel sorrow about something and I just can’t seem to get myself out of this rut.  Maybe I am depressed after all, but I don’t want anyone to know so I’m just telling You dear God.  Telling You because You have come to sit with me.

What did You just say, Lord?  Make myself a list!  I don’t really feel like it but I’ll try.  What kind of list, Lord?  A list of all the good things. Okay.

 Emmett praiseI do have friends and I agree, they would listen to me if I gave them half a chance.  Yes, I love nature, the birds and bees and the beautiful buds forming on the trees.  I should go outside and feel nature’s embrace.  And the warmth just around the corner!  Yes, I can wait…springs almost here.

What was that, Lord?  Just praise your name!  Yes, I should be doing that. How could I have forgotten to praise You!  Here I am Lord Jesus, praising you for every day of life.  I’m not feeling so melancholy now.

What did you just say, Jesus?  Replace the clouds with a sunburst!  That sounds wonderful.  This prayer is like a road that’s leading me into a meadow of flowers.  Praise you Jesus for coming to sit with me.  Something is being renewed within me even now.  Amen!

Please note: This prayer is offered as a helpful guide as you travel the pathways of life and is not a substitute for professional help.  If you are taking medication for depression this prayer is not intended to replace your doctor’s care.  If your depression has been diagnosed clinically and medicine has been prescribed by a doctor please continue the medication.

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