When a Believer Marries a Nonbeliever by BeBe Nicholson

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Published by Priority Publishing

In this book, Bebe Nicholson tells how to be faithful to our own Christian beliefs and how to live our lives as an example of God’s love when we find that our spouses do not share our beliefs. Bebe’s husband Lee was skeptical of faith when they married and her many years of patient prayer give Bebe a solid, Biblical base from which she offers her practical, straightforward advice to any and all who find themselves in a similar situation.

Of particular interest as a prayer book, Bebe has a section on “Praying for Your Partner” which covers the following topics: the importance of prayer, making time to pray, praying with perseverance, praying with faith, praying with praise and hindrances to prayer.

Another extremely valuable part of the book is the section on “Overcoming the Barriers to Belief.” These will help you understand how your spouse thinks and will open your mind to honest discussion and will give you more topics for prayer.

This book ends with a very powerful “Afterward” written by Bebe’s husband Lee who became a believer. In it he shares from his perspective some of the more important ways of approaching those whose faith is absent or just emerging.

Added by Karen Barber on July 8, 2011