What Was I Thinking by Caspar McCloud and Linda Lange

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Published by Destiny Image. This book deals with our thought life. In it the authors educate us with simple explanations of the physiological aspects of thoughts that show how thoughts have very physical presence and therefore have great influence not only over our minds but also over our bodies, hearts and spirits as well. Caspar is very straight forward in his portrayal of the truth of the Scriptures as it relates to our thought lives and how changing our thoughts to those that honor God can have a healing effect on us.

Although this may not be categorized as the typical prayer book, it has great relevance to prayer because our minds are one of the battlegrounds for control when it comes to prayer. It can be used as a guide to meditation as well because at the end of each chapter readers are given “Points to Ponder” which help us actively connect with God in our thought lives.

Author Caspar McCloud is an accomplished rock musician and pastor. Linda Lange is an author, teacher and minister.

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Added by Karen Barber on September 12, 2011