What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson

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how to pray; intercession


Publisher: Evelyn Christenson Ministry

Publisher of an older version: Victor Books

This classic book on prayer is not for women only! It discusses the how, where, when, and with whom in prayer and prayer groups.


Christenson states, “Prayer, real prayer, is simply conversation with God, our Father. . . . Changes take place not when we study about prayer, not when we talk about it, not even when we memorize beautiful Scripture verses on prayer; it is when we actually pray that things begin to happen.”

Many Christians give lip service to the idea of prayer, but in actuality spend very little time in prayer. Others truly desire to be a part of a prayer meeting or a prayer group, but then do not know what to actually do at such a meeting. This book is for those who desire for prayer to become a true dynamic in their own lives as well as the life of their church. Christenson’s book not only teaches you how to deepen your own prayer life; it also teaches you how to teach others to pray.

The author was asked by her denomination to work with the women of her church to discover in a six-month period what happened when women prayed. They experimented with different prayer techniques over that time period, and the most impactful practices they found are outlined and described in this book. The method of prayer they devised when praying in groups follows six simple rules: (1) Subject by Subject, (2) Short Prayers, (3) Simple Prayers, (4) Specific Prayer Requests, (5) Silent Periods, and (6) Small Groups

What Happens When Women Pray is an inspirational as well as practical read. Christenson includes many real-life testimonies from her years of teaching and leading others to pray through prayer groups, studies, and conferences.

Although this book was written before the technology of cell phones, texting, email, and internet were a part of everyday life, the material presented is easily adaptable to today’s culture.

What Happens When Women Pray is not for women only! Pastors and men in leadership have enlisted Christenson to teach her principles and methods to their entire churches. This book would benefit anyone who desires to deepen their own prayer life and those who want practical advice and methods for teaching others to pray. These prayer practices have been credited with revolutionizing the life of individuals and churches for God’s glory. This is one of the first books I recommend when I am asked for a book on teaching others to pray.
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