Saying a prayer of blessing over wedding rings is a common tradition in wedding ceremonies.  I said this wedding ring blessing prayer as a personal prayer on the morning of the wedding of my son and his bride.  Later, my husband and a relative of the bride joined me to pray further blessings over the rings.  We held a ring in each hand while praying, then passed the rings to the next person for their prayers for the couple.

Wedding Ring Blessing Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, who created each of us to love and to be loved by You and by others, we pray your heavenly blessings on these rings and on the couple who will wear them.

As these rings encircle their fingers, may your divine and constant love encircle their hearts.  Thank you that the value of these rings far surpasses that of gold and diamonds.  They are merely symbols of the priceless commitment of this marriage covenant.  May the blessings and power of the Holy Spirit be upon the wearers of these rings during the ups and downs of daily life.  May they travel life together as a family, joined together as one.  May their wisdom grow along with their knowledge of each other’s unique character and spirit.  May there be grace in times of conflict, an ability to communicate during misunderstandings and a deep sense of belonging to each other.

May you protect them from all harm.  Provide for their needs.  Console them in their sorrows.  Lift them with joy.  Even when worn with age, may these rings forever shine as a testament to your ever present help through all seasons of life.  We pray in the name of our Lord, amen.

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