Waiting for medical tests and waiting for medical test results is a very scary process, especially when you are waiting for a diagnosis for a problem or when a check-up or routine screening has uncovered something of concern.  This Waiting for Medical Test Results Prayer can help lower your stress level and rely on God as you wait.

Waiting for Medical Test Results Prayer

Lord, the doctor called and said, “You need to have tests.” Those may be the scariest words in the English language. My anxiety is through the roof and I haven’t even had the tests.

Now I have to wait to have them authorized by my insurance company and who knows how long that will take? I’m trying not to worry. You tell us not to worry. To turn it over to You. Believe me, I have. Several times. But then I took it back. I decided to consult the Internet with my symptoms. Huge mistake! Now I am more frightened than ever.

Mostly I just want this to be nothing. But if it’s something, I pray for effective treatments and healing. And once I have the tests, I pray the time I have to wait for the results is short. It’s this waiting, Lord, that’s about to do me in. I can handle anything. I’m strong and I have a good family who will stand by me. I just need to know what it is I’m facing.

Be with me, Lord, during this hard time of waiting. Stay close to me and comfort me and remind me You are with me, no matter what the circumstances. Erase the “What Ifs?” from my mind.  Help me sleep. Please keep me focused on You and Your goodness and mercy. Together, I know we can handle anything.  Amen

About This Waiting for Medical Test Results Prayer

I wrote this prayer when my husband Jeff was having back trouble.  The MRI on my husband Jeff’s back was pretty routine. His chiropractor just wanted a close look at what was going on with Jeff’s poor, beat-up back. Years of sports and walking across concrete floors at the family hardware store had done a number on Jeff’s spine.

We knew there were problems with discs and bone-rubbing-bone, but when the doctor called, he had a shocking finding. “Jeff, we want you to get a CT scan. There are some indeterminate lesions on your spine we need to look at.”

Indeterminate lesions? That sounded scary. I asked Jeff, “Where are they? How many? Big or small?” He hadn’t asked. I would have been ALL OVER those things. But since he couldn’t be more specific, I googled “indeterminate lesions.” Now I was really scared.

It took days for the insurance company to authorize the CT scan. During that time, I alternated between being panicky and being sure nothing was really wrong. One of my devotionals during that time said, “Pray without ceasing.” During most of my waking hours, that’s what I did. Jeff said he wasn’t worried. I said that too. But we were both concerned. Deeply concerned.

After 8 days of waiting, Jeff got the CT scan. At least it was done! Now anticipation of the results began. Mercifully, because Jeff had a friend in the imaging department of the hospital, he got the radiologist’s report by e-mail a few days later. It wasn’t cancer or anything dire. We could deal with it. We immediately said a prayer of gratitude for good results. At the same time, we knew not everyone who got results were so fortunate. We had friends who were dealing with difficult diagnoses. We prayed for them too.

Jeff and I both knew that with God’s help, we would have handled whatever his test results had shown. With God beside us, we would do what had to be done and be at peace. There’s a reason God is called The Great Physician.

Note to readers: Don’t postpone tests.  Also, have someone pray for you if you feel overly anxious or nervous

It’s never a good idea to postpone necessary medical tests because nearly all conditions are more treatable when caught early.  Discuss all details of medical tests with your doctor, including why they feel the test is necessary, what the test will involve, whether someone should come with you to the appointment (usually to drive in case of drowsiness), when you might expect to receive the results and the means through which the results will be given to you.  (phone call, online report, doctor’s visit etc.)   Often tests are ordered to rule out possible conditions, so ordering a test does not necessarily mean you have anything of concern.

If you find yourself overly concerned about tests or awaiting test results, consider contacting someone to pray with you or for you.  Medical tests are a frequent subject of prayer on church prayer chains.  For tips on how to find someone to pray for you, you can get ideas in our article How to ask for and receive confidential prayer.    

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