Location Name
Virgin of Concepcion Cathedral, Juticalpa, Hoduras

Street Address
On the Parque Centra


Type of Prayer Place

This church is practically the heart of this small city, occupying a very prominent spot on the central square. Sundays it is alive with activity as people come to Mass. When Mass is not being celebrated you can sit on a bench in whitewashed church looking toward the altar. Because there is often much coming and going in the sanctuary itself, for a moment of prayer and contemplation it is best to seek out the small prayer/adoration chapel. To reach this chapel you proceed to the front of the church and then take a doorway to the right.

How I used this place of prayer
We were doing a brief tour with a mission group and I was able to sit for a moment on one of the benches to meditate on the God’s presence. Because of the mild climate, windows and doors are often left open for ventilation. As I sat gazing on the altar, I was startled when a movement began from the altar area and I was amazed to see a bird flying out from behind the woodwork. Although it was an ordinary bird, I felt this a very tangible reminder that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in all places of prayer.

capture-honduras-3Personal Tips
Juticalpa is definitely way off the beaten tourist track but if you’re on a mission trip, it’s well worth a stop at the Cathedral.

capture-honduras-4Added by Karen Barber on June 13, 2011