This traumatic brain injury prayer for recovery can be used by family, friends and prayer groups to avail TBI patients of God’s presence and healing power as they go through recovery.

Traumatic Brain Injury Prayer for Recovery

Dear God our healer,

We pray today for _______________ who has suffered a traumatic brain injury.

We thank you for the medical team caring for them.  Empower each doctor, nurse, therapist and caregiver with your wisdom to understand their case and treat them effectively.

We pray that the medical staff will be able to communicate clearly with them and their family so they can know what to expect on the different steps on their unique road to recovery.

Help them to feel safe acknowledging their grief for the abilities they have lost and comfort them with your love and presence.  Show us how to be present with them through our prayers, cards, calls, visits and tokens of love.

We call on the healing powers of your amazing creation of plasticity in our brains which enables our brains to be rewired into new pathways.

We pray your perseverance and stamina for ____________ and their family as they begin therapy to create these new pathways.

Be with them on the days that they have setbacks and days when they are exhausted physically and mentally.

Help us celebrate the small milestones of recovery with them as we thank you for each grace and favor.

On the days when they are feeling down, discouraged, frustrated and distressed, send them your hope for tomorrow.

Grant eyes that see the positives of what they can do versus the many things they cannot do today.

Guide the ongoing decisions on their next level of care as they progress.  Open to them the doors of opportunity to rehab facilities and home care and provide them with the financial means they need to pay for them.

Be with their family members who are on this journey with them.  Give them times of rest and refreshing.  Supply for their physical, emotional and financial needs.  Surround them with helpers and positive, faith-filled people.  Give them healthy ways to express their struggles and receive help.

Especially be with ___________when they hit a recovery plateau and don’t seem to be making positive progress.  Give them peace.  Speak to their hearts.  Guide them.  Encourage them.

Enhance their ability to dwell in the small gifts of each day.  Renew their confidence and sense of purpose.  May they always live in the awareness that you care and we care.


Why I Wrote This Traumatic Brain Injury Prayer for Recovery  

I wrote this prayer when I heard the news that a much beloved retired Guideposts editor, who been a great encouragement to many writers such as myself, had suffered a traumatic brain injury.  His injury happened at home on a normal evening.  Through some unknown mishap he fell down the stairs and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

I wasn’t sure how to best pray for him and his family, so I researched Traumatic Brain Injury so I could more specifically pray.

Things to Know about Traumatic Brain Injury

At least 200,000 people in the US suffer a traumatic brain injury a year.

What is Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is defined as an injury caused by an outside source, such as a blow to the head.   This can happen in a variety of situations, such as an automobile accident, an accidental fall or during sports.   As a result of the trauma, brain tissue is damaged, causing loss of function.  Brain injuries are categorized as mild, moderate or severe because they vary depending on the location of the trauma and the it’s force.

Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury

Seek medical help right away for any brain injury. 

This includes TBIs that seem mild.  Immediate medical intervention can see if there is a need for surgical intervention or medications.

The role of rehabilitation in TBI

The goal of rehab is to strengthen remaining brain pathways and to “rewire” the brain to develop new pathways to bypass those that aren’t functioning.  This is done through practice and repetition.  As an example, if a person’s ability to walk is compromised, therapists work with them to walk and give them exercises to do between time to regain the neurological connections needed to walk.

Patients may benefit from a variety of therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy,  group therapy and psychological therapy.

The role of the family in traumatic brain injury recovery

Having a family member who is rehabbing from a TBI is very challenging.  Here are just a few of the many things family members are often called on to do:

Make medical decisions

Be a patient advocate

Keep vigil at the bedside to assist with needs not met by the hospital staff

Manage medical bills

Take over home responsibilities

Find and engage therapists

Accompany the patient to appointments

Do rehab “homework” with the patient

Find and arrange placement in rehab facilities

Make modifications to the home to make it handicapped accessible

Keep the patient’s spirits up and help occupy their time

Attend to basic needs such as bathing, dressing, eating

Financially support the family

Seek and provide mental health support

As you can see from this list, family members are essential to recovery.  Because of this, they can become overwhelmed.  They have suffered from the emotional trauma of having a loved one suddenly struck down and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

That’s why an important part of any traumatic brain injury prayer is for their loved ones who are managing their care.

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