The Name Quest by John Avery

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The Name Quest by John Avery is published by Morgan James and the subtitle reads, “Explore the Names of God to Grown in Faith and Get to Know Him Better.” With 319 pages, this book offers over 550 names and attributes of God on which to meditate and pray. The text is organized into chapters around related names of God, beginning with the names given God by the ancient Patriarchs or “God of our fathers.” Other examples include God of light and glory, compassionate God, etc. along with the Scripture references and original Greek and Hebrew words. The book also contains extensive citation of the sources used and an appendix with the names of God covered.

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This is one of those books that you could place with your daily devotionals and read slowly day by day as you meditate on the different names of God. I think it can be extremely useful in intercession in addressing God as the possessor of the attribute needed for the problem at hand. Sprinkled throughout the text are sample prayer outlines, such as found on page 142 entitled “Praying for Missionaries.” He offers 7 graces to pray for their work along with Scriptures. For instance, the first one is “Pray for the reality of the power of God to protect and equip His minister. Also, pray that the works of the evil one are destroyed. (I John 3:8)

Added by Karen Barber on August 16, 2014