The Kneeling Christian by an Unknown Christian

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This is a small book that was originally published in England prior to WW 2 that was rediscovered by new generations when it was published by Zondervan in the U.S. This book speaks with straight-forward Biblical truth about what the Scriptures say about Christian prayer. The author strongly emphasizes that “The chief object of prayer is to glorify the Lord Jesus,” and that we must believe in and trust ourselves to his atoning death before we are “praying in the name of Jesus.” The style is to the point and the author does not try to sugar coat truth but embraces it with joy and wonder.


I discussed this book a number of years ago in a small group setting. One of the images that stuck with me was how the author likened prayer to drawing money out of an account using a check. He tells us he has no money in the Bank of England and therefore cannot draw anything out. Then he asks us to imagine that wealthy man has written us a blank check to draw out what we want. The author asks, “Shall I just satisfy my presentneed or shall I draw as much as I dare?” He then tells us that heaven is our bank and God is our great banker. He goes on, “Jesus Christ gives us a blank check in prayer.” He says that whenever we leave prayer empty handed it is because we “do not seek to learn God’s will for us.”

Added by Karen Barber on July 4, 2011