The Blessings of Obedience by Bob Fraley

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Published by Christian Life Outreach
It is a personal story of how he and his wife submitted to the Lord’s prompting and stepped forward to do something that not even close family was supportive of, and how from there, the Lord took them to great heights.


I have to admit that I have not completed the book yet. But I am compelled to write. The book starts with a dramatically tragic event: Six children, ranging from ages 18 to 4, lose both their parents in an automobile accident, and the Lord speaks to the Fraleys to adopt all six. Only in the second chapter, we get to read about the Fraley’s background, how they had grown up, when they had committed their life to Christ etc.

You would think that this is the primary subject of the entire book, but it is not. Fraley goes on to explain how, in different situations, the Lord gently nudged them in different ways and for different reasons. I use the word “nudge” on purpose – as you read through you will realize that most of the time, the Lord has just caused discomfort in his heart, or has just put a thought into his mind – but Fraley has been cautious to pay attention; and pray; and he has captured the magic of each moment beautifully in his book. Fraley does not stop with just telling us what the Lord put in his mind – he goes on to explain what happened after that – what might have happened if they had not followed God’s prompting.

There are parts of it which relate to prophesy which are bone-chilling; at times scary. I believe I have to pray about it to understand it and believe it for my own. Right now, I am just continuing to read… continuing to learn.. continuing to realize that the Lord speaks in “gentle nudges”..

Added by Manju Moses on October 19, 2011