“Thank You for Praying for Me” by Ann M. Wolf

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This is a single from Ann M. Wolf’s CD entitled “Remember Me.” In this song she expresses how we can feel the effects of prayers said by others on our behalf during our times of need. As she expresses it in her lyrics, “For my heart is full and my head is clear. And I can see, my way through my fear.” After describing how prayer has made all the difference she sends out her heartfelt musical tribute of thanks to all the known and unknown intercessors who play a part in our lives.

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One of my favorite lines in Ann M. Wolf’s song “Thank You for Praying for Me” is addressed to the intercessors: “Whoever you are, wherever you might be He has heard my heart through yours.” I think this is a beautiful statement of the deeply felt relationship of those who receive prayer with those whose hearts are touched to prayer for us. I think this is a wonderful validation for anyone who wonders if their prayers are making any difference. If you have appreciated someone’s prayers, send them this song to express your thanks to them and to God.

Added by Karen Barber on September 18, 2011