This St. Patrick’s Day Prayer helps you  pray in the spirit of the Irish and of St. Patrick for God’s good strength and blessings on your life.

St. Patrick’s Day Prayer

Dear God, on Saint Patrick’s Day fill our hearts with hospitality, optimism and good cheer as we celebrate the joys of family and community.  Help us to enjoy sunshine on green  fields and feel your Hand moving gentle breezes.  Please add to our acknowledgements of your sweet blessings to our earth the knowledge of the fertile mission fields of your Kingdom stretching out all around us.

We pray for the sturdy heat of St. Patrick…

to endure our times of hardship and exile.  Help us to meditate on how St. Patrick endured slavery through constant prayer as he wrote, “The love of God and his fear grew in me more and more, as did the faith, and my soul was roused, so that, in a single day, I have said as many as a hundred prayers and in the night, nearly the same…I prayed in the woods and on the mountain, even before dawn. I felt no hurt from the snow or ice or rain.”

We pray for the determination of St. Patrick…

to prepare ourselves for your work.  Just as St. Patrick studied for the priesthood and listened to good teachers, plant your Word in our hearts and minds and make us diligent students of your ways.

We pray for the willingness of St. Patrick…

to answer even our most difficult callings.  Please speak to us today as you spoke to St. Patrick when he received your call to return to Ireland where he was once enslaved to preach the gospel to those who were themselves enslaved in pagan cults.  Help us to hear you, then give us the grace to say yes to you.

We pray for the voice of St. Patrick…

as he preached throughout Ireland.  Help us to never stop telling others about the good news of your love and your desire to be in an intimate relationship with all of us.

We pray for the stamina of St. Patrick…

to continue your good work all of the days you give us on this earth.

We pray in your all powerful name.  Amen


Saint Patrick’s Breastplate Prayer

A Traditional Irish Blessing

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