Location Name
St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

Street Address
Jackson Square

New Orleans

Type of Prayer Place

The current building of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans was built in 1851 and is one of the most recognized buildings in New Orleans, having an unobstructed view over Jackson Square to the Mississippi River. The site has been a church since 1727 and is the oldest Catholic cathedral under continuous use in the U.S.

The church has been through many tragedies, including fire, yellow fever epidemics and renovation disasters. Today is serves as a true refuge from the noisy tourist areas right outside it’s doors.

Inside you encounter a magnificent sacred space with soaring ceilings decorated with heavenly murals, huge stained glass windows and an elaborately carved altar piece. Many people come here to see the beautiful artwork, but an even greater number seem to come to light a candle, to pray at the altar or to pray in a pew.

How I used this place of prayer
Right outside the Cathedral Jackson square is filled with the loud noise of street jazz musicians and tourists. Lining the sidewalks of the park are tarot card readers, and fortune tellers. It was a true blessing to escape from the heat and the unhealthy street activities into a magnificent sanctuary of quiet and prayer. I spent half an hour exploring the rich imagery and meditating on God’s peace and grace.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
No admission charge; Mass celebrated Monday through Friday 7:30 AM ly at

Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization

capture-new-orleans-cathedral-2Personal Tips
There is a small gift shop located in the vestibule of the church. Volunteer docents give tours of the Cathedral – check at the bookstore for details.

Added by Karen Barber on August 7, 2013