Location Name
St. Bartholomews Anglican/Episcopal Church

Street Address
Gustavia Harbor

Gustavia, St. Barth’s Island, French West Indies

Type of Prayer Place

This charming stone church sits behind a low stone fence facing Gustavia Harbor and is within easy walking distance of the main shopping/restaurant area in town. Inside the fence you’ll enter a small tropical garden leading to the wide open front door with a sign that beckons, “Enter, rest, pray.” Inside you’ll find a true sanctuary of refreshment and renewal as you sit on a time worn wooden pew in the fresh air coming from the wide open windows with shutters that are closed at night and open during the day to help cool the interior. To your left in the back of the church you’ll encounter a nearly life size statue of Christ with his hands stretched out toward a stand of candles to light for prayer. Along the walls you’ll find framed pictures of the stations of the cross to aid in your meditation.

How I used this place of prayer
We were in St. Bart’s for the wedding of our son which was taking place in this wonderful church, so I made a special trip to the church in order to pray for him and his new wife, Grayson, who spent much of her childhood in St. Bart’s. I was later touched and honored to step to the simple podium in front of the church to read the Scripture verses at the wedding ceremony. Although there isn’t a microphone in the church, its intimate size and stone walls lend themselves to good acoustics. We also attended worship service here the day after the wedding, a fitting way to celebrate God’s presence on an island so blessed with the beauty of God’s creation.

capture-st-bart-3Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
The church is open during daylight hours to any who would like to come in and spend a few moments in the sanctuary. While I was there several tourists came in to take photos.

Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization

Personal Tips
This is the only English speaking church on St. Barts and they welcome visitors from all over the world. There is no air conditioning in the church, so if attending services or spending time there, I recommend comfortable summer clothing. We parked on the street behind the church as it’s hard to find parking on the Harbor. Also, if mosquitoes like you, you may consider using repellent on your legs as there are times when these pests make an appearance due to the charming open doors and windows.

capture-st-bart-4Added by Karen Barber on December 28, 2012