When our prayer times become crowded with too many requests squeezed into too little time, this poetic prayer by Merissa Lee Kelley helps us learn the art of enjoying God’s company and resting in His embrace via quality prayer time that is “beneficial and healthy to our spiritual, emotional and physical well being.”

Merissa’s Story

I have to confess something. Too many times in my one on one time with God, I find myself rushing through my prayers, so I can get on with my day or I’m in a constant “state of want and need.”  I either hurry and offer a basic, generic type of prayer with the excuse of “God knows my heart” or I spend the entire time presenting my requests and concerns, without one moment of thanksgiving, gratitude or appreciation.

Well, God deserves better than that. No, I didn’t get a guilt trip from God…  He doesn’t operate that way…just some insight from a couple of discerning people who understand the value of putting the time we’re gifted with…to quality use.  Obviously, we need to take our cares to the throne…but we also need to have some balance in our prayer time. Spending quality time with God…just because He’s God…is so beneficial and healthy to our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Think about how it makes you feel when someone seeks you out, not because they want or need anything…but simply because they want to be around you. They want to be where you are. Just like a little child, content to sit and snuggle close in Mommy or Daddy’s lap…we need to approach our Heavenly Father in that manner as often as we can.  Secure in His embrace. Enjoying His company. Resting in His presence. Just because…

 “Just Because”

Have I told you lately, I love you God…just because you’re you?

Not just because you answer prayer and all the things you do

I don’t want to seek your hand…I want to seek your face

And rest within your presence while surrounded by your grace


I know so many times I come, with a list of my requests

Always asking…always seeking relief from trials and tests

But I don’t seek YOU often enough…by simply drawing near

And soaking in your awesome glory that drives away all fear


When I get so busy asking…I’m the only voice that’s heard

I’m more focused on my “wants”…then the answers in your Word

You know my needs and have a plan that’s tailor made for me

So you would think I’d be content and let my cares go free


Help me slow my hectic pace and calm my anxious soul

Peace prevails when I relax and let you have control

Let the world just fade away until it’s just us two

For nothing else can take the place of unity with you


In the stillness of the moment, I have found the secret place

That you provide to give me strength to continue in the race

In the shadow of your wings, the solitude is sweet

The time I spend with you brings joy, that makes my life complete


Have I showed you lately, I love you God…just because you’re you?

Not only by the words I speak, but by my actions too

For if I’m going to shine my light for all the world to see

Your reflection has to show…when people look at me


So here I am to dwell within, your presence so divine

While my heart reaches out to you…your heart captures mine

I have found a priceless gift, in a world where gifts are few

And I am blessed beyond all measure…just because you’re you


Copyright Merissa Lee Kelley 2009  All rights reserved.