This prayer for selling a home can be used when you are selling a home, condominium, townhouse or apartment.   Although selling a home is a business transaction, it is also a transaction of the heart because your home fills one of the basic human needs created by God.  Here is a prayer for God’s help in selling a home.

Selling a Home Prayer for God’s Help

Dear God my Father,

I come to you for your help, guidance and wisdom in selling my home. 

I thank you for giving me this home as a place to live and be part of a community.      

You know the circumstances of my life that have been factors in deciding that it’s time to sell.  I thank you for the memories and times of joy that I experienced here and pray that you will guide me to a new home where I might grow and prosper. I also pray that you will enable me to leave behind the difficulties I have faced here as I move on to a new start in another place. 

God, you know what is needed to sell my home – the right price, the right buyers, the right time.  Enable me to make wise decisions on how to sell.  Show me what I need to do to optimize the sale of my home.  I now pause to ask you to bring to my mind things that buyers might notice in my home that I can change or fix that will make my home more appealing and show off its best assets__________________________________________________  

Father, you know the timetable that has been set for me to move on.  I know that there are many factors that I don’t see that make up your divine timing.  I pray that you will work out the timing of the sale of my home to come at the right time according to my needs and the needs of prospective buyers. 

God, you know the stress and anxiety that come with selling a home.  Help me to trust you and to tell you how I’m feeling.  Give me times of rest and peace.  Give me the energy I need.  Give me patience.  Keep me organized and focused.  Comfort me and give me perspective when people criticize and reject my home.  Provide for my financial needs.  Surround my home with your protection and blessing.  Give me the support and help I need from others.  Help me to find solutions when problems arise.  Show me how to trust and depend on you day by day.      

I pray for the person who will buy my house that they will be blessed to have this home and will spend many happy days here.  I pray the following blessings from the Bible upon this house:

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”   (Isaiah 32:18 NIV)

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”      Proverbs 24: 3,4 NIV

I thank you that you make all things new and that you are the God of fresh starts.  Please  bring new life to me and new life to this home that I am now leaving.

I pray myself and these things into your strong and capable hands.  Amen.

My personal experiences in selling a home prayer

In the early days of my husband’s career we moved frequently, selling and buying homes in different cities.  One home we moved into was in a brand new subdivision in a medium size town.  Unfortunately, it was farther from town than most people in the area wanted to be, and the subdivision failed to develop.  In fact, there were one or two homes completed around us over a 3 year period, and our street was mostly woods and fields.  We loved the house and it suited our family’s needs, but I could see that the property values around us weren’t going to be very good as smaller homes began being built around us.  I could see that it might be hard selling our home the next time my husband got a job transfer. 

Whenever I drove into our empty subdivision and started to worry about someday having to sell our house I told myself, “I’ll worry about that when the time comes.”  I highly recommend that you don’t tell yourself this!  Why?  When we got word one day that we were getting transferred I started worrying because I’d conditioned myself to respond by worrying after years of telling myself to worry when it was time to sell!  

We put the house on the market and hardly anyone came to look at it.  There was a drought and the yard looked terrible.  And interest rates had gone up.  One day when I was agonizing on how we would ever sell our house, I looked out the window and saw a cardinal singing in a pine tree outside my window.  I suddenly realized that although I saw this piece of property as ours, there were plenty of God’s creatures like that bird who nested in our pine tree who also called this place home.  I realized that God was the true owner, and that he had simply loaned the property and the house to us.

We moved out and our house stood empty for a while, but finally the right buyer came along and hopefully enjoyed the house as much as we did.

We had other home selling experiences where the house sold right away and some where we had multiple offers.  In other cases, we had a problem beyond our control with a neglected property next door that was a turn-off to buyers.  Even after the sale we once had a buyer call us the day we moved out and demand that we repaint the whole interior of the house because the touch up paint we’d used on the walls didn’t blend in well enough.

Through all of these experiences I learned that things don’t always work out on our timetable or in the way we imagined they would.  Each home selling process is not only unique but also affords a unique opportunity to trust God, follow his directions and gain his perspective on life.  Letting God become part of the process through prayer helps you feel grounded and hopeful.

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