Location Name
Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Pinnacle Chapel

Street Address
17th Deck

Fort Lauderdale departing port

Type of Prayer Place

The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Pinnacle Chapel is situated on the deck 17. It has large windows overlooking that ocean and a curvy ceiling that seems to suggest sea waves. It has a good number of comfortable seats and a podium up front between two large artificial flower arrangements. Because the chapel is used for many types of functions, such as weddings and AA meetings, there are no religious symbols as such in the room like you might find in other chapels. Instead you will find a subtle celebration of sea, sky, mirrors and stonework walls. There is also a very nice outer lounge area outside of the chapel with artwork and decor suggestive of nature’s beauty.

How I used this place of prayer
On a week long cruise with 5,000- 6,000 other guests, this chapel was a welcome place to go and spend quiet prayer time. There were worries back home that I needed to bring to God, and this was the perfect place to do it.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
Must be a passenger on the ship. Usually open, with the exception of when private meetings or weddings are taking place

Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

capture-allure-of-the-seas-3Personal Tips
Every time I went to the chapel I found it empty and a true refuge where I could meditate and pray. However you will be interrupted on occasion by passengers who have just come up to take a look. I usually choose a seat on the far side of the chapel from the door so they can come and see the chapel without them feeling that they are disturbing me.

Added by Karen Barber on April 28, 2014