Location Name
Ramparts Walk – Jerusalem

Street Address
Jaffa Gate

Jerusalem, Israel

Type of Prayer Place
Prayer Walk

Tourists can walk the ramparts of the ancient walls of Jerusalem for incredible views of the old city and beyond. However we discovered that it is the perfect way to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the faith of all of the diverse people who live and visit there.

There are two sections of the ramparts walk because the Jaffa Gate breached the walls on one side of the city and because tourists are not allowed to walk along the wall at the Temple Mount. You can access both walking directions at the Jaffa Gate. Once you find the entrance, you will climb up and down steep stone stairways on a narrow walkway above the city. Here you can look out of small holes in the wall used in the Crusader period by archers. There are also intriguing views of shops, church yards, courtyard gardens, schools, playgrounds and homes on the inside of the wall. There are great views of the Mount of Olives, Mt. Scopis and the limestone outcropping identified by some as Golgotha, or the place of the skull.

How I used this place of prayer
Three of us took the walk in order to pray and meditate. We walked slowly and silently, allowing the sights and sounds below us to inform our prayers.

capture-ramparts-3Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
Sunday – Thursday plus Saturday 9 AM- 4PM Friday 9 AM – 2 PM. Ticket required at about 16 New Israeli Shekels.

Personal Tips
You can buy tickets inside a shop on the left as you enter the Jaffa Gate. Tickets are not sold at the entrance. Both entrances are extremely hard to find – ask someone to show you. Once on the walk, there are few if no exits, so plan to spend a minimum of 30-40 minutes or more on each segment. The sun can be very hot, so dress appropriately and bring water with you. You are constantly walking up and down flights of narrow stone steps. I don’t recommend this walk to those with walking problems. Be sure your camera is ready with a charged battery as there are countless pictures you will want to take.

capture-ramparts-4Warning: I did the section from Jaffa to Lion’s Gate alone, which goes through the Arab Quarter. In one section I encountered a group of young children demanding a dollar and when I didn’t give them any, one boy tried to undo my fanny pack which was fastened around me. I had passed a family of 3 also doing the walk, so I went back and joined them to get past the children. The exit at the Lion’s gate is in a rather seedy looking area.

Added by Karen Barber on March 14, 2014