A strong sense of compassion can lead us to pray for strangers or those we don’t know well.  Author Donna Teti explains what prompted her to write this poem: “It is a poem I wrote after hearing of  the sudden death of a young man in our hometown.  I did not know him personally but grieved for him and his family as if I did know them…I found others do that as well when they hear of the pain or loss of a stranger…this poem and and prayer expressed those thoughts and feelings.”


I wonder if this is how Jesus feels

So filled with someone’s pain

It doesn’t affect Him personally

But He feels it just the same


His heart constricts

His sorrow grows

As each detail unfolds

He wishes He could remove their grief

For in His heart He holds


Their suffering and heartbreak

As when He carried His cross

He knows too well their crushing pain

He knows their wretched loss


Perhaps we are most like Jesus

When we are touched by the sorrow of another  

When we shed tears for a stranger

It is then we carry our brother


Perhaps the anguish we feel so strong

Sends them comfort from above

Perhaps this is when we are enlightened to

The depth of Jesus’ love



Copyright © 2011 by Donna Teti,  Used by permission.  All rights reserved.