A key to letting go of our problems in prayer is in realizing when our pride is blocking us from asking for God’s healing power.  Are you tired, bitter and worn out?  Maybe you’re trying to handle your problems by yourself without God’s help.  This prayer poem gives us the power to reach out to God so he can answer our prayers.

Merissa Lee Kelley says,  Never allow pride to keep you wearing a mask to try and hide the truth of what is going on. That is what I did….much to my detriment. Thankfully, God loves us enough to be persistent in getting our attention so we will not continue to drown in despair. He longs to come to our rescue and be our shelter, fortress, strong tower and refuge. He is faithful!

“Wings of Shelter”


A battle was raging down deep in my soul

The death of my spirit was the enemy’s goal

Angry, offended and drowning in pride

With resentment and bitterness along for the ride

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Far off in the distance, a voice rang out clear

“Get up! Take a stand! Let go of your fear!”

But too tired to go on, I remained in my place

Till the voice got so faint…there was barely a trace


I’m weary…I’m sad…I’m tired of the fight

The walls are too high with no end in sight

I have every right to feel these emotions

It’s my own choice to drown in my own selfish ocean


Resurrecting the past to destroy and devour

Aware of the wounds, but indifference cried louder

Alone in the illness…with the cure just in sight

Let me dwell in the darkness…devoid of all light


For the light will expose what you want undercover

So withdraw and suppress it one way or another

Till those who are closest are caught in the fray

Feeling helpless to reach out and stop the decay


Knowing full well of the danger ahead

Not looking upward, but inward instead

Filling the void where the joy used to be

With everything else, too blinded to see




Waiting to catch me if I’d only be still

Was my Heavenly Father…who out waited my will

A break in the ice that had made me so cold

Was all that He needed to reach in and take hold



A gentle rebuke for a heart turned to stone

“Are you through with your running and coping alone?

I’ve been patiently waiting as you’ve waged your own war

Standing and knocking on your self-pity door.”


“I will not condemn you…you can’t learn from rejection

What you need is my strength and complete restoration

I’ll give back the joy that you lost when you fell

The peace that brings healing…I’ll give back as well.”


“I’ll gladly bring healing to a vessel that yields

But protection is harder, when you throw down my shield

Read my word daily…you must keep in touch

Surely time on your knees isn’t asking too much.”


I phone winter spring 064I know it’s been hard and your faith has been shaken

I’ve seen all your struggles and the toll it has taken

Don’t think for one second I’ve been blind to your pain

You’ve prayed for the sunshine in the midst of the rain.”


“When the answers don’t come when you think that they should

I’m still in there working things out for your good

Don’t go by your feelings…they make unwise decisions

The plans I’ve made for you don’t need a revision.”


“It’s tough when the choices that others control

Bring such doubt and despair to the depth of your soul

You need to remember that I AM in charge

My weapons are long-range and my arsenal large.”


cross path“It’s a daily decision to stay healthy in spirit

You knew where to go…you just wouldn’t go near it

My word gathered dust, but it’s truth kept on calling

To give you some balance and stop you from falling.”



“Take hold of my hand and I’ll keep you on track

Persistence in prayer will diminish your slack

Do not grow weary in running the race

I’m right here beside you…let me set your pace.”


“My love is unchanging, if you break it won’t end

I’ll just pick up the pieces and mold you over again

I’ll be the oasis when you’re dying of thirst

When the storm is approaching…I’ll get to your first.”


“I’ll complete all the work that I promised to do

A masterpiece…priceless, I’ll simply call…You

Under my wings, I’ll provide you with shelter

So trust me…believe me…we’re in this together.”


“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;

his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalm 91:4


Capture Merissa Kelley Copyright Merissa Lee Kelley 1999.  All rights reserved.