What is a Prayer Promise Circle?

In a Prayer promise circle, group members take turns praying for each other by reading Bible verses that are encouraging promises from God.   Half of the group is seated in chairs and the other half of the group stands behind individuals to enable each to quietly share a pre-written Bible verse.

Why do a Prayer Promise Circle?

–          For group members to receive personal words of hope and encouragement

–          To enable everyone to have a chance to both give and receive prayer

–          To empower members to speak God’s beautiful words without having to rely on their own thoughts or prayer abilities.

Where can you do a Prayer Promise Circle?

At any church or group meeting where there are chairs or benches that can be arranged in a circle.

Who can start and/or participate in a Prayer Promise Circle? 

Any group leader can do this prayer method and anyone can participate.

When is a Prayer Promise Circle used?

It can be used any time a group that is meeting together decides they want to pray for each other using Scripture.

How do you do a Prayer Promise Circle?

–          Place enough chairs or benches in a circle so that half of the group may be seated.

–          Leave enough room behind the seats for individual members to stand behind each seat.

–          The half of the group that is seated faces toward the center of the circle.  The other half of the group members stand directly behind someone who is seated.

–          Each standing person is given a piece of paper with a Bible verse written on it that has been selected by the leader.  Each Bible verse is different.

–          The standing person quietly reads the Bible verse into the ear of the seated group member as a prayer of blessing and encouragement.  (The standing members all quietly say their Bible verses to the person seated in front of them at the same time.)

–          After all those standing have read their Bible verses quietly into the ear of the person seated in front of them, the entire standing group moves to their left and reads their assigned Bible verse to the next seated person.

–          When those reading the Bible verses have made a complete rotation of all of those seated in the circle, those seated then take these Bible verses and exchange places with those who have been standing and the process is repeated until all members of the group have heard all of the Bible verses.

Tips / Notes: 

It is very powerful to say the name of the person before reading the Bible verse to them.  In large groups where not every knows names, use nametags (first names) on the backs of those seated in the circle.

In large groups, several circles of equal number may be used.

Bible verses chosen may go along with the theme of the teaching or may be chosen to fit the needs of the group.

Background Scriptures:

Praying Scripture is a prayer practice that has been used throughout the ages as a way to affirm God’s words to us.  (see Deuteronomy 6:5-7.)

Those who may be interested in this Prayer Blueprint: 

Prayer group leaders, pastors, Sunday school teachers, ministry leaders, small groups, retreat leaders.

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