This natural disaster recovery prayer helps us enlist God’s help, protection, provision and guidance for restoration and recovery for victims and their families who are suffering from injury, loss of loved ones, loss of homes and jobs.  Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time and include things like wildfires, floods, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  This Natural disaster recovery prayer can be used as a personal prayer or as a group prayer.

Natural Disaster Recovery Prayer

Dear Loving Father, We come to you asking for your help and presence for recovery and restoration for those who have become victims of natural disasters.  Please encamp Your angels around their homes, businesses, communities,  families, pets, livestock and the wild animals of the field and sea during the onslaught of uncontrollable natural forces.  Keep them safe.  Give them wisdom.  Protect them.

In the aftermath as they begin the process of recovery we pray that You will speed help to them in all forms possible.  We pray for the quick restoration of dependable utilities, communications and transportation.  We pray that You will give them access to clean water and adequate food.  Provide for them places of shelter that are safe and secure.  Restore their homes and possessions.  Restart and prosper their livelihoods.

We pray that You will surround them with caring people with compassionate hearts who will comfort them and share their emotional pain of loss.  Send skilled and honest laborers to repair damaged homes.  Provide aid workers to assist them with aid applications and insurance claims.  Give extended families and neighbors generous hearts as they temporarily take others into their homes and lives.  Help groups and individuals from all over the country and the world to be touched to gather and give whatever aid they are able.  Grant the civil authorities and governments wisdom and compassion in their decision making process of how to go about restoring and rebuilding.

May You stir in your larger community of humanity Your highest, best desires in all that we might pray, love, encourage, sustain and help those in need of stability and restoration.   We pray in your Holy name.  Amen.

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