When tragedy strikes in the form of mass deaths in the headlines from fire, violence or natural disaster, it is hard to know how to offer prayers to God.   At such times, we really don’t know how to pray.   In the face of sudden death and grief,  prayer times can be difficult.  This prayer was written after a nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil killed 232 young people and can be used for any tragedy.

Prayer for Tragedy Victims, Families and Communities

flower memorial

Dear Heavenly Father,  We pray that your loving presence may be felt in the community that has experienced this tragedy that claimed so many lives.  It’s hard for us to imagine the magnitude of so many lives lost so suddenly and the grief and sorrow that it has brought.

Yet you tell us in this Bible verse in Isaiah 53:3 that Jesus Christ was “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and suffering.”  We pray that all pain suffered there today and in the days to come may be joined with the suffering of Christ upon the cross to work your redemptive power in the world.

May your love pour forth through the prayers, presence and service of your caring people from all nations to begin the healing process.  Heal those who have suffered bodily and mental injury.  Comfort those who are grieving the loss of dear ones.  Bind together the community in grace and faith.  Send your helping angels and your life giving Holy Spirit.  In the name of Christ, your suffering servant we pray.  Amen.

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